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Healthy Male And Female Yorkie Puppies

My cute Pure breed Healthy yorkshire terrier puppies are ready to go out to a good and caring home. Top quality in all well trained. Loving, healthy and playful. Beautiful, great coat. Brought into our home;loved and socialized with people and other pets. The best possible care in raising; Vet supervision, quality food, all vaccination,current shots and regular worming. Are AKC registered with pedigree. We want to re home them to any family that will be able to take good care of any and pamper them lots of

Raza: yorkshire terr Edad: 10 SEMANAS
Sexo: Hembra Color: MARON
Tamaño: Vacunas: Si
Precio: Negociable: No

Comuniquese con VANESSA:
Teléfono: 6387645120
Dirección: Aguadilla

Su Nombre:

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Numero de Clasificado: c12c24r0702
Fecha de Publicacion: 24/03/2012
Visitantes Interesados: 662

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